Review: In the Earth

Director: Ben Wheatley Stars: Ellora Torchia, Joel Fry, Hayley Squires From one extreme to the other; those keeping an eye on the timeline here at The Lost Highway Hotel will note this is the second review of the day following Jon M Chu's In the Heights. It's a swift move from all-singing all-dancing to Ben Wheatley's … Continue reading Review: In the Earth

25 Best Horror Films Of The Decade (So Far)

Though we're only a year and a half from bringing the decade to a close (at which point there'll be plenty of lists like this), the release of the impressive A Quiet Place spurred the decision to tally up the best horror films to have been released since 2010, according to The Lost Highway Hotel. So if … Continue reading 25 Best Horror Films Of The Decade (So Far)

Review: Free Fire

Director: Ben Wheatley Stars: Sharlto Copley, Brie Larson, Armie Hammer Made in quick succession with last year's anarchic J.G. Ballard adaptation High-Rise, Free Fire finds Ben Wheatley in looser form. Where High-Rise evoked the rise of Thatcherite Britain and the societal divisions that blossomed from that rotten seed, Free Fire is less consciously political, despite the central conceit … Continue reading Review: Free Fire

Review: A Field In England

You've got to give him credit; Ben Wheatley has come far in a short space of time. Rattling off four films in as many years, he has quickly managed to establish himself as a sort of beacon in British cinema. Together with his partner Amy Jump, Wheatley has come to offer something of an alternative … Continue reading Review: A Field In England

Review: The ABCs Of Death

Like an episode of Sesame Street being broadcast from hell, The ABCs Of Death presents 26 shorts by 26 different directors each of whom illustrate a different way to die based around the letter of the alphabet selected. The people called upon span the globe with talents working in both live action and animation. The promise is a … Continue reading Review: The ABCs Of Death

Review: Sightseers

I grew up in a quaint coastal town in England. The sort of place that gets referred to as picturesque. Nice to visit, interminable to live in. In this town was a National Trust shop, which sold the usual suspects for a place of its kind. Wooden crafts, tea towels with maps on. And t-shirts … Continue reading Review: Sightseers