List: 50 Greatest Horror Films (25-1)

Let us continue then. Compiling this list hammered home for me the diverse nature of the beast at hand. Horror has so many subcategories. Vampire pictures. Zombie pictures. Portmanteau films. Found footage. And horror arrives at different tempos. There are the zany comedies. The restrained chillers. The gonzo gorefests. The brutally nihilistic. And, as in … Continue reading List: 50 Greatest Horror Films (25-1)

List: My 301 Favourite Movies (20-1)

Day Five. The top 20. My desert island films. I could watch pretty much any of these films any time. The reasons for their appeal vary; I'll get into that a little bit. But these are the ones that, for whatever reason, stir my spaghetti. Okay, enough prerequisite preamble. Let's just do this! 20. The … Continue reading List: My 301 Favourite Movies (20-1)

Why I Love… #10: Audition

Year: 1999 Director: Takashi Miike Stars: Ryu Ishibashi (Shigeharu Aoyama), Eihi Shiina (Asami Yamazaki), Tetsu Sawaki (Shigehiko Aoyama), Jun Kunimura (Yasuhisa Yoshikawa) Genre: Horror / Mystery For me, it’s the greatest horror film of the last 20 years. Easy. Of course, I didn’t always think so... Truth be told when I first saw Audition I … Continue reading Why I Love… #10: Audition