The Best Films Of The Decade

I posted a list like this, broken out into 5 parts, earlier this year, then took it down again. I was triggered by a couple of other publications that dared to make their lists so early. This is an updated version. Long, but snugly housed all in the one post. It just requires a lot … Continue reading The Best Films Of The Decade

Review: Support The Girls

Director: Andrew Bujalski Stars: Regina Hall, Haley Lu Richardson, Shayna McHayle Support The Girls is a movie set almost entirely at a Hooters-style roadside sports bar and is directed by a man. But even as you draw in breath ready for your long and fatigued exhale, wait. It's also one of the best little indies … Continue reading Review: Support The Girls

Review: Results

Andrew Bujalski's latest, Results, is his most conspicuously 'mainstream' offering yet, following the warm critical reception to 2013's sublime Computer Chess. But the caveat here is that these things are all relative. It boasts bigger stars than he's worked with before (the dependable and versatile Guy Pearce, the Marvel fan-favourite Cobie Smulders and the in-everything-eventually Giovanni Ribisi) … Continue reading Review: Results