Review: Stoker

When a successful and respected director from the world cinema stage makes their debut on US soil there's usually a justifiable sense of unease. Are they selling out? Sanitising themselves? And if not, will the sensibilities of one culture translate into, ahem, American. It's tough to predict, and when it doesn't work it really doesn't work. Takashi … Continue reading Review: Stoker

Why I Love… #5: The Night Of The Hunter

Year: 1955 Director: Charles Laughton Stars: Robert Mitchum (Preacher Harry Powell), Shelley Winters (Willa Harper), Lillian Gish (Rachel), Billy Chapin (John), Sally Jane Bruce (Pearl) Genre: Thriller “Dream, little one, dream”. The Night Of The Hunter is like a dream, or, more accurately a sort of wonderful nightmare. It seems built out of the broken … Continue reading Why I Love… #5: The Night Of The Hunter