Review: First Cow

Director: Kelly Reichardt Stars: John Magaro, Orion Lee, Toby Jones Under the thumb of lockdown for months on end, one of the pervasive trends to sweep the UK has been a renewed interest in home cooking and baking. With restaurants and bakeries shuttered for months on end, social media networks became flooded with sourdoughs, farmhouse … Continue reading Review: First Cow

Review: Green Room

Ever walked into a bar and realised, a little too late, that it's really not your scene? Jeremy Saulnier's third feature Green Room takes that idea to something of an extreme, in the process setting itself down as one of the more remarkable thrillers of 2016 so far. And one of the more remarkable horrors. The film … Continue reading Review: Green Room

Review: The Final Girls

Meta horror is always in vogue. Few if any other genres have the capacity for so much self-reflection and self-deprecation. Horror folds in on itself every few years, acknowledging it's icons, celebrating them and lambasting its own repetitions. Hell, you could argue it does so like clockwork once a year, with October 31st as it's accepted … Continue reading Review: The Final Girls