Review: One More Time With Feeling

Director: Andrew Dominik Arthur Cave died on July 14th 2015. He fell to his death from the Brighton cliffs after taking LSD. He was fifteen years old. These gut-wrenching facts are all over Andrew Dominik's artful documentary One More Time With Feeling but it takes a long time for them to be addressed head-on. Even then … Continue reading Review: One More Time With Feeling

Review: Gravity

Bloody hell, this has a lot to live up to. I've been trying to avoid explicit details about Gravity, save for that mesmeric trailer. Nevertheless, the general hubbub of ecstatic praise has been hard to sidestep. And, aside from that feeble, attention-seeking article on the Metro website, it certainly feels as though critical reception for … Continue reading Review: Gravity

Review: Life Of Pi

  For all this talk of unfilmable books, people will persist in having a go. If there really is such a thing, it might be William Burroughs' Naked Lunch, a book which, even with a respectable-if-problematic film adaptation thanks to David Cronenberg, still lives entirely on the page. Since Hollywood can and will scavenge from any … Continue reading Review: Life Of Pi

Review: Cave of Forgotten Dreams

***originally written 17 April 2011*** I've got to play catch-up with Werner Herzog. Clearly I've been missing a trick. My first encounter came last year with his gonzo remake/reimagining of Bad Lieutenant starring Nicolas Cage. And now he's back in documentary territory with Cave Of Forgotten Dreams. In 3D too. This was my initiation into … Continue reading Review: Cave of Forgotten Dreams