Review: The Look Of Silence

The Look Of Silence follows Joshua Oppenheimer's 2012 documentary┬áThe Act Of Killing, behaving as a sister piece. It begins with the exact same text advising the viewer of the immense crimes committed in Indonesia in 1965 - a period of revolution in which the government sanctioned the massacre of a million people labelled 'communists' - … Continue reading Review: The Look Of Silence

Why I Love… #63: Repulsion

Year: 1965 Director: Roman Polanski Stars: Catherine Deneuve (Carol), Ian Hendry (Michael), John Fraser (Colin), Yvonne Furneaux (Helen), Patrick Wymark (Landlord) Genre: Thriller / Horror With its initial credits drifting over the surface of Catherine Deneuve's wide unblinking eye, Roman Polanski's┬áRepulsion proclaims its intention as a horror film exploring an interior world, the world behind … Continue reading Why I Love… #63: Repulsion