Review: The Lobster

How important is having a partner? We live in a society that puts great value in the notion that we must all pair off for life. Any deviation from this is somewhat stigmatised. If you haven't found a partner by a certain age, there is a view that you've failed in some way, or are … Continue reading Review: The Lobster

Review: Spectre

Much has been made, since he took up the mantle, of how Daniel Craig has rejuvenated Bond, bringing Ian Fleming's super spy kicking and scowling into the 21st century. And, yes, the series has felt fresher. It was there in the hot-blooded callousness of (the underrated) Quantum Of Solace, and in the more engrossing, personal … Continue reading Review: Spectre

Why I Love… #84: Halloween II

Year: 1981 Director: Rick Rosenthal Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie Strode),  Donald Pleasance (Dr Sam Looms), Charles Cyphers (Leigh Bracket), Lance Guest (Jimmy), Dick Warlock (The Shape) Genre: Horror With the aim in mind here at thelosthighwayhotel to provide a diverse range of reviews and essays I might ordinarily have considered it far too soon … Continue reading Why I Love… #84: Halloween II

Review: Aaaaaaaah!

Two grown men emerge from some undergrowth, ambling in a simian manner. They rest at a fallen tree. The dark-haired man, Keith (Tom Meeten), massages the knees of the more dominant Smith (writer / director Steve Oram). Smith fetches a framed photograph of a woman in a bridal gown from his pocket, a look of lamentation in … Continue reading Review: Aaaaaaaah!

Review: The Final Girls

Meta horror is always in vogue. Few if any other genres have the capacity for so much self-reflection and self-deprecation. Horror folds in on itself every few years, acknowledging it's icons, celebrating them and lambasting its own repetitions. Hell, you could argue it does so like clockwork once a year, with October 31st as it's accepted … Continue reading Review: The Final Girls

Review: Sicario

Denis Villeneuve's latest feature sees Emily Blunt playing idealistic FBI agent Kate Mercer. Having garnered attention for her work in a number of house raids in Arizona, Mercer is invited into a different circle - a combined agency task force looking to make a serious impact in the war on drugs, specifically targeting the area … Continue reading Review: Sicario

Why I Love… #83: Ms. 45

Year: 1981 Director: Abel Ferrara Stars: Zoë Lund (Thana), Albert Sinkys (Albert), Darlene Stuto (Laurie), Helen McGara (Carol), Nike Zachmanoglou (Pamela), Editta Sherman (Mrs. Nasone) Genre: Thriller, Exploitation Quantifying why I love Ms. 45 is going to be trickier than most of these essays as it can be a hard film to love, or rather, can seem … Continue reading Why I Love… #83: Ms. 45

Review: Vendetta (2015)

Jen & Sylvia Soska have acquired a modestly significant online cult following, codified via social networking, but one which is in danger of losing its potency  if their output continues its present trajectory. I came to know of their existence around the end of 2012 when the pre-release buzz here in the UK for American Mary proved … Continue reading Review: Vendetta (2015)