A guide to my scoring system.

5 = A must-see, or instant classic. Go out of your way to find it.

4.5 = Absolutely brilliant. Almost flawless.

4 = An excellent film. All the elements work and work well. Thoroughly recommended.

3.5 = An above average film. Probably not a classic, but well worth your time and you shouldn’t feel disappointed.

3 = A good, solid movie. It’s not going to change your life, but there’s enough here to make it worthwhile.

2.5 = Something isn’t quite right here. A good attempt, but some elements aren’t working. Not awful, but not particularly good.

2 = Below average. Inconsistent or poor.

1.5 = A bad movie. Possibly it has a few redeeming features still, but they’re outweighed by what doesn’t work.

1 = Man the lifeboats! Something went seriously wrong here. Avoid if possible.

0.5 = A terrible film, definitely avoid. Goes beyond bad or disappointing into actually offensive.


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