Review: The Good Dinosaur

"A pony!" It's not a pony. "A pony!" It's not a fucking pony. "A green pony, mummy!" It's not a fucking pony. It's a dinosaur. I know you're all of about five, but seriously. You came to see a film about dinosaurs. Called The Good Dinosaur. Get passed the pony idea. How about quietly interacting … Continue reading Review: The Good Dinosaur

Review: Bridge Of Spies

On the closing credits of the Coen Brothers' 2010 hit western remake True Grit there was a telltale executive producer credit for one Steven Spielberg. Despite Oscar glory three years earlier for No Country For Old Men, it was this quiet accumulation of characters at the close of one of their most popularist movies that cemented their … Continue reading Review: Bridge Of Spies

Review: Carol

Falling in love is awful. That normal, stable person that you used to be disappears, vanished like a dream on waking. Good sense and judgement are temporarily abandoned, or become concepts that require effort to achieve in any credible sense. That other person preoccupies you. To incessant, maddening degrees, either in literal thought or a … Continue reading Review: Carol

Review: Tangerine

You know how it is. It's Christmas Eve, you're a transgender prostitute fresh out of lock-up and looking to turn a trick out where Santa Monica meets Highland, when all of a sudden your girlfriend (who's playing a show tonight singing at some dive or other) lets slip that your boyfriend and pimp has been … Continue reading Review: Tangerine

Review: Love (2015)

Oh man, it is good to be able to write one of these on a laptop again. Everything posted since the Crimson Peak review has been done on a Sony Xperia phone. Up to the job, patience permitting, but I've banked a whole load of finger cramping in the process. Anyway, on to the matter at … Continue reading Review: Love (2015)

Review: The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 2

"Nothing can prepare you for the end". So says the poster tagline for (deep breath) The Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 2; a tagline evidently written by someone miraculously unaware that these movies are based on a series of bestselling novels, making preparing for the end actually quite easy. I haven't read these books, but, … Continue reading Review: The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 2

Review: Fear Itself

Earlier this year I wrote a somewhat critical appraisal of Charlie Lyne's documentary on high school movies Beyond Clueless, bemoaning what I felt was a lack of depth. However, in the months since I've found myself revisiting the feature on more than one occasion. While I still find some of the insights lacking, the technique … Continue reading Review: Fear Itself

Review: Jauja

How is a man undone by his own will when determined to dominate or control either other beings or the Earth itself? This seems to be one of the (many) significant questions at the heart of Jauja (pronounced 'How-Ha'), the latest film from minimalist auteur Lisandro Alonso. Set, one assumes (you can never be too … Continue reading Review: Jauja

Review: Burying The Ex

"It's political correctness gone mad," they'll say. Maybe. If, when I say 'they', it turns out that there actually are people out there who've a) read this review and also b) watched this film, and then c) liked it and therefore d) disagree with me. "It's political correctness gone mad," those people will say, nearly … Continue reading Review: Burying The Ex

Review: Girlhood (Bande de Filles)

For one reason or another I missed Céline Sciamma's superb Girlhood (aka Bande De Filles in its native France) when it hit UK cinemas on a far too limited release a few months back. So now, as mediocre box office Goliath Spectre stalls releases from smaller distributors afraid of getting lost in competition, it seems … Continue reading Review: Girlhood (Bande de Filles)