Why I Love… #78: Touch Of Evil

Year: 1958 / 1998 Director: Orson Welles Stars: Charlton Heston (Ramon Miguel Vargas), Janet Leigh (Susan Vargas), Orson Welles (Hank Quinlan), Joseph Calleia (Pete Menzies), Akim Tamiroff (Uncle Joe Grandi), Victor Millan (Manolo Sanchez), Marlene Dietrich (Tana) Genre: Crime Thriller / Noir Touch Of Evil and the work of Orson Welles stand gargantuan in the … Continue reading Why I Love… #78: Touch Of Evil

Why I Love… #77: Lost In Translation

Year: 2003 Director: Sofia Coppola Stars: Bill Murray (Bob Harris), Scarlett Johansson (Charlotte), Giovanni Ribisi (John),  Catherine Lambert (Jazz Singer), Anna Faris (Kelly), Fumihiro Hayashi (Charlie Brown). Genre: Romance Lost In Translation saw me fall in love with two women. Allow me to try to organise my thoughts on how to express these binding affections, which have grown and … Continue reading Why I Love… #77: Lost In Translation

Review: Inside Out

Ordinarily, I'm just about the worst person to ask about a Disney Pixar animation. While I try to remain open to any and all modes, methods and genres of filmmaking, CG animation seems to find me hitting in a wall. I repeatedly find it very difficult to connect with. I drummed my fingers through Monsters Inc ('til I … Continue reading Review: Inside Out

Review: Ant-Man

Like the eventual passing of a storm, or the first refreshing spring morning of the year, the clouds have parted and the future's looking positive. Birds are tweeting. Squirrels are chasing one another along the tree branches and mercifully, for the first time in what feels like a very, very long time, a Marvel film … Continue reading Review: Ant-Man

Review: The Gallows

Dude. Seriously. Dude. When I saw the trailer for The Gallows I was totally stoked, bro. I mean, here was a horror movie that looked like it was doin' it right, yeah? Most trailers these days for horror movies show way too much, yo. But this one? Duuuude. Just that one, long, lingerin' shot of the girl … Continue reading Review: The Gallows

Review: Love & Mercy

There are three Brian Wilsons in Bill Pohland's sunlit biopic Love & Mercy. The young, ambitious and scattalogically creative Brian Wilson of the 60's as portrayed by Paul Dano; the weary, troubled, illegitimately medicated Brian Wilson of the 1980's as portrayed by John Cusack; and the man himself, paper-clipped in concert to the end credits, performing the … Continue reading Review: Love & Mercy

Review: Terminator Genisys

Terminator 2: Judgement Day was partly spoiled by the marketing campaign that preceded it; a campaign which saw fit to reveal one of the great twists of 90's cinema in the very trailer intended to bait an already-hungry audience into theatres. In hindsight this was a bit of a face-palm manoeuvre, but it's not something the franchise … Continue reading Review: Terminator Genisys