Pretty Vacancy: Why Are Distributors Afraid Of Good Art?

Something's been nagging me, and it only seems to be getting worse. Or, more accurately, more prolific. There's been a lot of good poster art recently to lure people to part with their cash and go to the cinema, especially in the US. Teaser posters in particular are designed effectively to pique the interest of … Continue reading Pretty Vacancy: Why Are Distributors Afraid Of Good Art?

Why I Love… #76: Alien³

Year: 1992 Director: David Fincher Stars: Sigourney Weaver (Lt. Ellen Ripley),  Charles Dance (Clemens), Charles S. Dutton (Dillon), Brian Glover (Andrews), Ralph Brown (Aaron), Paul McGann (Golic)Danny Webb (Morse), Lance Henriksen (Bishop II) Genre: Horror / Drama In space no one can hear a fanboy scream. I've been toying with the idea of covering the … Continue reading Why I Love… #76: Alien³

Review: Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus

A remake of 70's cult blaxploitation title Ganja & Hess, Spike Lee's latest joint is a Kickstarter funded horror film; his first effort in the genre and one of the precious few recent horrors from a  black creative team. One can bemoan the conspicuous absence of black voices in horror (there was a very interesting article just … Continue reading Review: Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus

Review: The Duke Of Burgundy

Evelyn (Chiara D'anna) arrives at a beautiful country home on a bicycle and knocks at the door. After a spell the door is opened by Cynthia (Sidse Babett Knudsen). Evelyn follows her into the house where Cynthia instructs her to clean the study. Evelyn already knows where the cleaning products are. Already Peter Strickland's The Duke … Continue reading Review: The Duke Of Burgundy

Why I Love… #75: Secretary

Year: 2002 Director: Steven Shainberg Stars: Maggie Gyllenhaal (Lee Holloway), James Spader (Mr Grey), Jeremy Davies (Peter), Lesley Ann Warren (Joan Holloway), Stephen McHattie (Burt Holloway), Patrick Bauchau (Dr. Twardon) Genre: Romance / Drama / Comedy In light of a conspicuous new release in cinemas, now seems like an apt time to unpack the virtues of Steven Shainberg's delightful … Continue reading Why I Love… #75: Secretary

Review: Fifty Shades Of Grey

There are moments of genuine shame that stay with you. Not your average moments of regret, but the ones that even at the time make you think less of yourself. A few linger in my mind if I let them. Getting cajoled into nasty playground taunting of some kid who didn't deserve it. Lying to … Continue reading Review: Fifty Shades Of Grey

Review: Suburban Gothic

Excision, directed by Richard Bates Jr., is one of my favourite modern horror films, and one of my favourite films of the decade so far, regardless of genre. A confident and daring sneak attack, it masked its subversive nature in wry humour and a colour palette that recalls American Beauty more than American Mary (another modern favourite, whose … Continue reading Review: Suburban Gothic

Review: The Interview

News cycles spin faster than people sometimes realise. There's always something new to get swept up in, be it genuine world events provoking serious debate and worry or the kind of tabloid fluff that obscures so much of the important stuff. Usually, especially where the internet's concerned, it's the latter. The fervour over The Interview … Continue reading Review: The Interview

Review: Jupiter Ascending

Poor Channing Tatum. Looking back over the films of his that I've reviewed on here, combined with those I've seen otherwise, and some quick maths reveals my average score for his output is 1.625 out of 5. Including The Lego Movie skews this upward a bit, but really that's just a cameo. So 1.625. Hardly comforting when … Continue reading Review: Jupiter Ascending

Review: Selma

I saw Selma at a special preview screening on Martin Luther King Day, over two weeks before its wide release here in the UK and started writing this review that evening. I've sat on it a little, saving this post for nearer it's release on February 6th. But you know how it is when you want to … Continue reading Review: Selma