Review: Obvious Child

Donna (Jenny Slate) is a stand-up comedienne who takes her life up on stage with her, warts and all. In fact, if she had warts - and especially if they were genital warts - you'd probably hear about them. Her material is frank, funny and fresh-feeling. She is the warm centre of this appealing movie; … Continue reading Review: Obvious Child

Review: Two Days, One Night

I'm going to do my best here to explain why this film is great. There'll be words, superlatives, arguments urging you to go and see it. But perhaps the best recommendation possible comes courtesy of the elderly couple sat behind me in the cinema when I saw it. We all got to the end of … Continue reading Review: Two Days, One Night

Review: Lucy

Luc Besson is still making movies like it's the 90's and he's cool as fuck. That's fine for him. The seemingly sustained confidence and gung-ho action euphoria of his cinematic output must be a beautiful, starry world to live in. A slick, seductive place where walking around a corner happens like someone's sat on the … Continue reading Review: Lucy

Pretty Vacancy: Watching 4 Step Up Films (Nearly) Back-To-Back Part 2

And so, after a slightly longer break than expected, I'm back with these Step Up films. The hangover has, if anything, intensified, and I'd really rather be having a nap if I'm honest. But I've lost too much time already. I'm practically making a mockery of the term back-to-back as it is. So without further ado, … Continue reading Pretty Vacancy: Watching 4 Step Up Films (Nearly) Back-To-Back Part 2

Pretty Vacancy: Watching 4 Step Up Films (Nearly) Back-To-Back Part 1

Roughly 15 months ago my former housemates and I shut ourselves in a room on a beautiful sunny day, drew the curtains and watched the first five films from the Fast & Furious franchise back-to-back while I documented the course of the events as a two-part blog post. The end result was kinda funny, kinda silly, kinda … Continue reading Pretty Vacancy: Watching 4 Step Up Films (Nearly) Back-To-Back Part 1

Review: God’s Pocket

God's Pocket is one of the last films starring Philip Seymour Hoffman to reach us (A Man Most Wanted will follow in a month or so, and the less said about his digitised presence in the remaining The Hunger Games instalments the better), so its easy and also unfortunate to see why this feature has received, at … Continue reading Review: God’s Pocket

Review: The Sacrament

Ti West's latest arrives on UK shores after a seemingly long delay and even then it's been doomed to straight-to-video obscurity. And while this is the story for a slew of horror films - a genre which has embraced (out of necessity?) on-demand viewing formats - it seems a disservice to West, whose name has become synonymous … Continue reading Review: The Sacrament

Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy

This review contains a paragraph (the 2nd one) which could be taken as significantly spoilery. You have been warned. Marvel movies, at least at present, seem comfortable abiding by a simple, sturdy and undoubtedly profitable formula. Loosely, it goes something like this: A bad object appears. A bad man wants the bad object. The bad … Continue reading Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy