Why I Love… #50: Vivre Sa Vie

Year: 1962 Director: Jean-Luc Godard Stars: Anna Karina (Nana Kleinfrankenheim), Sady Rebbot (Raoul), André S Labarthe (Paul), Guylaine Schlumberger (Yvette) Genre: Drama Vivre Sa Vie is a film I almost decided I was going to like before I really saw it. You know when you just know something is going to speak to you? Quite … Continue reading Why I Love… #50: Vivre Sa Vie

Review: World War Z

Expectations and assumptions. They can make or break a film. World War Z, based on the popular novel by Max Brooks, has been rolled out as a zombie movie. Now, there are several expectations and assumptions one makes when approaching a zombie movie; scares, gore and - thanks to George A. Romero - some biting … Continue reading Review: World War Z

Review: Before Midnight

There's something extremely satisfying about watching Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) growing older together. From the full-blown romantic flush of their first meeting in 1995's Before Sunrise, through the more pragmatic (but beautifully balanced) 2004 reunion Before Sunset, and now with Before Midnight, their lives reflect the passing of time in our own. How much they've … Continue reading Review: Before Midnight

Review: Much Ado About Nothing

It must be a lovely thing to work with Joss Whedon. For one thing you get the privilege of knowing one of the finest wits in Hollywood, a perennial golden boy - or golden manchild, he'd probably prefer that - whose films and TV shows have earned him adoring fans in equal measure. For another, … Continue reading Review: Much Ado About Nothing

Review: The Iceman

There are names you can depend on. Michael Shannon's is such a name. For years now he has been raising the quality of whatever he's in. His - sigh - 'unconventional' looks have generally sidelined him to parts two or three rungs down the ladder, but his obvious talents and screen presence have made him … Continue reading Review: The Iceman

Why I Love… #49: Blow Out

Year: 1981 Director: Brian De Palma Stars: John Travolta (Jack Terry), Nancy Allen (Sally), John Lithgow (Burke), Dennis Franz (Manny Karp), John Aquino (Det. Mackay) Genre: Thriller Generally speaking, my rule of thumb with this series has been to only pick from movies I've watched again and again, the ones that stand up to scrutiny, … Continue reading Why I Love… #49: Blow Out

Review: Populaire

Below is a list of words that appeared when feeding the word 'charm' into an online thesaurus in preparation for this review: Allure, agreeableness, appeal, attraction, attractiveness, beauty, beguile, bewitchery, captivate, charisma, chemistry, delightfulness, desirability, enchantment, enrapture, ensorcell, glamour, grace, inveigle, magic, magnetism, please, sorcery, star quality, and tickle pink. I don't usually use such … Continue reading Review: Populaire