Why I Love… #34: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Year: 1992 Director: David Lynch Stars: Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer), Ray Wise (Leland Palmer), Kyle MacLachlan (Special Agent Dale Cooper), Michael Anderson (Man From Another Place), Chris Isaak (Special Agent Chester Desmond), Moira Kelly (Donna Hayward) Genre: Drama / Mystery / Horror Firstly, if you’ve not seen the whole of the Twin Peaks TV series … Continue reading Why I Love… #34: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Review: Ginger & Rosa

Ginger is concerned about the proliferation of nuclear weapons. In fact, concerned rather puts it mildly. Her worry and distress over what she sees as an inevitable nuclear holocaust becomes all-consuming as Ginger & Rosa progresses. She simply must do something to avert the great cataclysm hurtling towards us, and is maddened that the grown-ups … Continue reading Review: Ginger & Rosa

Review: Skyfall

Sam Mendes’ last film was my favourite of his by far; 2009’s small, simple and altogether beautiful Away We Go. It was a delightful little film that saw the A-list director scaling back and reaching for the heart. Who could’ve predicted his next project would be taking the helm of one of mainstream cinema’s biggest … Continue reading Review: Skyfall

Review: Liberal Arts

Troubled student Dean (John Magaro) is going through a tough time. Whilst his fellow scholars are enjoying keggers and Frisbee, he’s wrapped up in books and battling depression. He also hates hyperbole. Everyone is just so nowadays, right? Why does everything have to be the best this or the worst that? He’d hate my writing … Continue reading Review: Liberal Arts

Review: On The Road

I read Jack Kerouac’s On The Road around five years ago, mostly whilst sat on a kick stool manning the counter at a dead-end job in an off-licence, pouring through the pages of novels in the long gaps between customers. Reading it, those dreary walls were peeled away, and limitless horizons replaced them. Never one … Continue reading Review: On The Road

Why I Love… #33: The Misfits

Year: 1961 Director: John Huston Stars: Marilyn Monroe (Roslyn Taber), Clark Gable (Gay Langland), Montgomery Clift (Perce Howland), Thelma Ritter (Isabelle Steers), Eli Wallach (Guido) Genre: Drama There is so much lore surrounding this movie that it’s a daunting prospect to sift through. The final silver screen outing for two legends within their own lifetimes, … Continue reading Why I Love… #33: The Misfits

Why I Love… #32: Big Trouble In Little China

Year: 1986 Director: John Carpenter Stars: Kurt Russell (Jack Burton), Kim Cattrall (Gracie Law), Dennis Dun (Wang Chi), James Hong (David Lo Pan), Victor Wong (Egg Shen), Kate Burton (Margo) Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy Some films in this series (The Red Shoes, The Apartment, The Night Of The Hunter etc) are here because … Continue reading Why I Love… #32: Big Trouble In Little China

Why I Love… #31: Two-Lane Blacktop

Year: 1971 Director: Monte Hellman Stars: James Taylor (The Driver), Dennis Wilson (The Mechanic), Warren Oates (GTO), Laurie Bird (The Girl) Genre: Road Movie Beginning at night with an illegal drag race, Two-Lane Blacktop initially gives the impression it’s going to be a different movie to the one it transpires to be. From the setting … Continue reading Why I Love… #31: Two-Lane Blacktop

Review: Looper

Women in science fiction films tend to get short shrift. There are exceptions, obviously. The Alien series for instance is generous to its female inhabitants. But by and large it’s a genre that tends to be something of a boy’s playground, with any genuine layering or complexity reserved for your main man (unless he’s Keanu … Continue reading Review: Looper