Why I Love… #28: eXistenZ

Year: 1999 Director: David Cronenberg Stars: Jennifer Jason Leigh (Allegra Geller), Jude Law (Ted Pikul), Ian Holm (Kiri Vinokur), Don McKellar (Yevgeny Nourish), Willem Dafoe (Gas), Callum Keith Rennie (Hugo Carlaw), Robert A Silverman (D’Arcy Nader) Genre: Science Fiction 1999 was a busy year for movies. Perhaps it was some pre-millennial angst that spurred such … Continue reading Why I Love… #28: eXistenZ

Review: The Imposter

I arrived at The Imposter atop a crest of anticipation brought about by the seeming consensus amongst film critics that this was the documentary event of the year, guaranteed to astound and enthral. The trailer does a great job of sucking you into the premise, and for UK audiences it has even been gilded with … Continue reading Review: The Imposter

Review: Take This Waltz

One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. The triple step of the waltz is a good simile for Sarah Polley’s latest feature film, which deals with the complications inherent when there’re two men and one woman. The one woman is Michelle Williams, playing Margot, and this is completely her film. … Continue reading Review: Take This Waltz

Why I Love… #27: The Lost Weekend

Year: 1945 Director: Billy Wilder Stars: Ray Milland (Don Birnam), Jane Wyman (Helen St. James), Phillip Terry (Wick Birnam), Howard de Silva (Nat) Genre: Drama Billy Wilder’s greatness can be his undoing on occasions. With such beacons as The Apartment, Some Like It Hot, Double Indemnity and Sunset Boulevard  to his name, his perceived ‘smaller’ … Continue reading Why I Love… #27: The Lost Weekend

Why I Love… #26: Akira

Year: 1988 Director: Katsuhiro Otomo Genre: Animation / Science Fiction Otomo’s movie – a mere snapshot of his sprawling manga series – is to this day a cornerstone of Japanese animation. A landmark movie of its kind. Yet for me it is more than just an impressive artistic feat. It is part of the vital … Continue reading Why I Love… #26: Akira

Why I Love… #25: Nosferatu

Year: 1922 Director: F.W. Murnau Stars: Max Schreck (Orlok / Nosferatu), Gustav von Wangenheim (Hutter), Greta Schroder (Ellen Hutter), Alexander Granach (Knock) Genre: Horror Let’s not pretend for a moment that I know what I am talking about with this one. When it comes to 1920s silent cinema, German or otherwise, I am in over … Continue reading Why I Love… #25: Nosferatu

Review: Searching For Sugar Man

It’s that time of year again. The multiplexes are filled to bursting with awful, horrible children. Children that are chewing, yelling, texting, copulating and generally making the lives of grown up cinema goers an absolute fucking trauma. Who births these intolerable demons? Who allows them to behave like this? Because of them the chain cinemas … Continue reading Review: Searching For Sugar Man